Making Shrunken Heads from Apples without Vincent Price

Years ago you could get for Halloween the Vincent Price Shrunken Head Kit. Here is how you can make your own Dried Apple Shrunken Heads with out the kit.

Vincent Price Shrunken Head KitThese small faces, from dried apples have a truly nasty and creepy look, just perfect for your Halloween party decoration. Just put them among the food at your Halloween Buffet. It is also a great idea to make several dried apple heads and tied them up like a frightened garland.

You might also make apple dolls. As soon as they are dried, place a string wire into the apple to form a body and add clothes or any other accessories you can think of.

Once dried, you can keep them indefinitely, as they last and last.

Here is the list with the needed supplies:

- apples;
- whole cloves;
- a small number of grains of rice;
- 2 teaspoons salt;
- ½ cup lemon juice.

Unpeel a larger apple and coat it with a blend of lemon juice and two teaspoons of salt to avoid browning. Use a potato peeler or smaller knife to carve out eye sockets, nose, ears and mouth. There is no need to worry about carving out small details as they will disappear anyway as the apple dries. Just make sure you got the big features and Mother Nature will do the rest.

Use the whole cloves for the eyes and a few raw rice grains for teeth. The faces are awesome-looking even without these additions; it is sufficient to carve and let them dry.

Place the apples on a wire frame in a warm and dry place for roughly two weeks. However, you can get them dry much faster by drying them in an oven set at a very low temperature. Even so, the drying process will take several days.

Just a small Vincent Price video to set the mood for Dinner.

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  1. MDerek

    I really enjoyed the boys—it was a quick, easy dinner. I used them with a combination of peppers…

  2. Tiffany

    Interesting post, pretty much covered it all for me, thanks.

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