Easy to do Homemade Hobo Vagabond Halloween Costume Idea

Although it is difficult to imagine the advantages of being a Hobo, but on Halloween, there are numerous. The costume (homemade) is cheap, as you can use clothing already in your home or can buy in a thrift store. Also, you can easily adjust the outfit according to the weather for you to be more comfortable.

The fun and best thing about being a Hobo, is that the costume is genderless. With some creativity, people will not know for sure if you are a boy or a girl. The below ideas are excellent for a hobo, vagabond or vagrant. Even more, just add a sign and you can easily call yourself a beggar. Remember to act as your character, meaning act miserable and also to drag your feet when you walk.

Homemade Hobo Halloween Costume IdeaClothing

Old clothes you find at home are excellent as they are already faded and worn. A long-sleeved flannel shirt with some faded jeans is a great start. For a genuine hobo look, add some patches, dirt and tears to your outfit.

If you want to add stuffing for a heavier look, you’ll need clothing that is roomy. You could use a pillowcase for the stuffing and attach it to the inside of your costume with safety pins. For kids, the small pillows used for camping are ideal, as they are already stuffed.
Shoes and Hat

Basically, you can use any type of shoes, work boots, military boots, and old pair of sneakers or shoddy shoes, will all work with your Hobo costume. For a hat, an old straw hat, or a baseball/bill cap worn backwards is just great. Do your best to make it look tattered.


Attach a bandanna with stuffing and string at the end on a long stick. Carry it over your shoulder as they are the belongings you have. If you want to look as a beggar, have a sign asking for money. You might use a poster board and write on it with a permanent marker.
For a treat bag you can use an old pillowcase or a reinforced brown paper sack.


Apply some makeup to modify your appearance. With an eyebrow pencil make your eyebrows bushy and you can also draw beard and mustache, if that is what you want. Add some fake wrinkles and blemishes with a lipstick liner. Keep in mind that typical hobos look older than they really are because of their harsh lifestyle and deficient nutrition.

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Pumpkin Flower Pot How to Video

How to make this cute Pumpkin Flower Pot for Halloween with an easy step by step video.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

1. Pumpkin & carving tools.

2. Flowers.

3. Pair of chopsticks and raffia.

4. Sharpie marker, tape, scissors, card stock, and a decorative scissors.

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St. Patrick’s Day Party Turns Green

“How about another round of the creature?” Steven slurred in a mock Irish accent. He had only been passing through Ballymore on his way to Dublin- one more stop on this European tour before leaving for college; all on his parent’s credit card. The crowd of regulars grumbled in their drinks at the annoyance, but didn’t complain- he had been unwittingly buying high-end pints, colored a festive green for St. Patrick’s Day, all night for the sullen group. The bartender cheerily filled the sudden appearance of hastily-emptied glasses, and then marked on the Steven’s growing tab.

 Leprechauns Ghost Story and Green Beer

One man stood from his corner booth, his aged legs creaking with the exertion. Slowly, he made his way to the bar and sat next to the American. He pushed his glass towards the bartender who obediently filled it from the tap; the old man pointed to Steven- the drink went on his tab.

When no one was within earshot, the man lifted the glass to his mouth, and whispered from behind the rim. “You want to go,” he said. Steven processed the words through his drunken mind, thinking about each syllable. Frustrated, the man spoke again, louder- this time from behind a napkin that concealed the movement of his mouth. “Go.”

The words suddenly made sense to Steven, who realized that his bladder had filled with the generous amount of green beer that he had consumed. “Yeah… I do,” he slurred as he nearly fell from the stool. Steadying himself on his feet, he stumbled towards the back of the pub where he thought he had remembered the bathrooms to be. All eyes followed him as he stumbled towards the back, only resuming their conversations once he had disappeared around the short hallway.

After several doors and accompanying corridors, Steven began to realize that he was far from the bathrooms. Instead, he was in a dark section of the building that he suspected to be underground. While still drunk, he had the presence of mind to know that he wasn’t where he was supposed to be and the understanding to know that he should be afraid. He began to backtrack through the hallways and unremembered stairs, but only became more lost. When he came upon a large, heavy wooden door, he hesitated; pressing his ear to the cool wood, he heard what sounded like traffic. Outside, he thought, screw the tab. He pushed the door open, soon realizing that what he heard was not traffic, but rather machinery. Large pumps that were fed from ancient pipes and emptied into an equally aged stirring vat- it was the green beer, but appeared to be thicker.
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Making a Last Minute Homemade Farmer Costume for Halloween

A farmer costume is rather simple to put together event shortly before Halloween. When you think about a farmer I am almost sure you imagine an older farmer with some flannel shirt, overalls and maybe a straw hat.

Today’s farmers might not look like that but that is exactly the image you want to recreate for you to be immediately recognized as a farmer. Please note however, that a farmer is not a cowboy, as farmers are not typically ‘western’. If you are looking for a western style, think about being a rancher instead.

Farmer Halloween CostumeClothing

Most of the needed clothing you’ll need to be a farmer are probably in your closet. If not, find worn and faded clothing, which will add authenticity to your outfit.

Your shirt should be flannel, red, yellow or blue. A plaid shirt should be great and they have buttons down the front as farmers usually have. Denim overalls are preferred but you might also go with a pair of worn jeans with suspenders. Add patches and also put a handkerchief in your pocket, but leaving visible a part of it.

Wear black or brown work boots. Remember to wear something that looks dirty and worn, but ensure they are comfortable as you will walk and stand a considerable amount of time.

For your head, look for some straw head. Try to find an American-style hat, which would be just perfect. Just make sure the hat is worn and not brand new.


As a farmer, it is hard to avoid having a wind-blown, messy hair. Farmers usually have a simple and uneven haircut. You might wear a wig or just change the style of your natural hair. As a female, put your hair up into ponytails or pigtails. As a male, you might in advance grow some weird looking sideburns. You might even skip shaving and wear a so called ‘five ‘o clock shadow’ typical to a farmer working long days in the fields.

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Halloween Ideas Bat Napkin Holders for your party

A Halloween decoration that’s really cool and simple craft to make a home. These are spooky napkin rings in the shape of bats.

Halloween Craft Ideas

The tools needed are pair of scissors, black felt, chalk, and a Exacto knife.

Visit Eddie Ross’ website for details Click Here.

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